Since the Trojan horse scandal began many allegations and accusations have circled around schools in Bradford, Birmingham and Tower hamlets. With many of these also leading to the sacking of individuals on governing bodies.

The latest update on the matter has resulted in ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw warning that there will be 40 no-notice inspections being carried out across England.

There were concerns that schools are given the opportunity to change how they behave when they are aware ofsted are to arrive. Therefore Ofsted chief says that using existing powers, there will be a wave of two-day unannounced visits to schools. These will be across all England and not focused in any particular region.

Sir Michael stated that “I’m currently giving thought to whether Ofsted should move to more routine, no-notice inspections as part of our wider education inspection reforms, which we will be consulting on later this year.”

However the National Union of teachers do not believe that this move is good or will benefit schools in any way, “For accountability to be meaningful, there needs to be proper professional and respectful dialogue,” said the union’s general secretary, Christine Blower.

Bradford schools, such as Laisterdyke and Carlton Bolling College, should now take this as a pre-warning that they could possibly be facing no-notice inspections in the near future.