Award winning Aagrah group are inviting the homeless to enjoy a fancy Christmas dinner at their Aagrah Midpoint restaurant, based in Thornbury, Bradford.

The famous Indian restaurant have teamed up with local charity Just Give  and will be throwing open its doors on Tuesday, December 19, to play host to over 100 homeless individuals to provide a sumptuous Christmas dinner with a twist.

Sajed Mahmood, Head of Events at Just Give, a charity based in Bradford said:

“This is a collaboration of two cities working with the public and councils to help highlight the plight of the poor and homeless.

“After our first successful dinner with the Mumtaz in Leeds, this is the second time we have teamed up with a well-known 5 star restaurant and it will be a real celebration of Christmas for those who perhaps didn’t have much to look forward to this year.”

The homeless, who are all living in temporary hostel accommodation, sleeping rough on the streets, youngsters from foyer homes, refugees and those vulnerable have been invited to the special dinner and will be joined by local politicians, as well as other dignitaries and sporting celebrities from across the region.

Aagrah’s managing Director Mohammed Aslam and Deputy Lieutenant said the special dinner will consist of a special turkey with an Asian influence, along with all the special side dishes and trimmings. “It perhaps isn’t your traditional Christmas dinner but we know it will be just as tasty and we hope to create a real festive atmosphere on the day.” said Mr Aslam

The event will include seasonal songs and choirs from the local church to help everyone get into the festive spirit.

For more information or to get involved contact Sajed Mahmood on 07957472117  or visit