By Aalia Khan

Being a steak lover but not knowing much about steaks, I went to try out a halal steak house called Rump N Ribs in Manchester a while ago.

I have to say they impressed me from the minute we stepped in. The attentive staff had us seated right away in a nice spot at the side of the room; I wouldn’t like to be in the middle. Menus were handed to us right away, and we were given ample amount of time to decide what to order before the waiter came over.

The menu described the different kinds of steaks and what they consist of. The restaurant itself also displayed information on the walls of the different steaks on offer. We decided to go for the fillet steak as my dad, who is a huge steak lover, told me that it is the best one to have. I opted for chips and pepper sauce with my steak. 


The food was served within 10 minutes of us ordering it, which was perfect timing considering that they were beginning to get busy. And it was extremely delicious. I managed to finish the entire plate, which was surprising even for me as I never manage to finish my food. 

The place itself is very nice and simple, not too much decor or vavavoom, it’s a straight to the point steak house which I liked, the atmosphere was nice and chilled and we could easily feel relaxed there.

I compared the steak at Rump N Ribs to the steak served at the Meat Company, and that is saying something as the steak at the Meat Company is spectacular. 

I would give Rump N Ribs a 5/5, as the only fault I can find in them is that they don’t have a restaurant here in Bradford.