As a promotional stunt for their upcoming film Happy New Year, the team have launched a new reality TV show called ‘Dil Se Nachein Indiawale.’

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Zee TV have combined with the Happy New Year team, including the actors, to launch this show. 

The show’s format requires the film’s actors to judge participants in four cities — Mumbai, Delhi, Indore and Ahmedabad via a joyride on a “Happy Dancing” bus.

SRK believes it is a “perfect fit” for the movie however he does not like being judgemental and judging shows and competitions as he considers himself weak hearted, “I am very weak-hearted. I’m a bad judge and I’m not judgmental about others,” Shah Rukh said. 

SRK has already decided how he will be marking the contestants and said that “I feel people who have the jazbaa (zest), those who can perform on the stage in front of thousands and lakhs of people uninhibitedly and entertain them without thinking of the complexities and technicalities of the art…will be great. I’m not a good judge. I will keep giving ten on ten.”

He was also honest in his reasons for avoiding judging people as he says he would “rather go and tell everyone that ‘you’re doing very well’ because it has happened with me. I don’t have too much talent, but people have always given me ten on ten.”