Salman Khan expressed dissatisfaction with Anurang Dobhal’s actions last week, hinting at a possible decision to refrain from hosting the show next year.

Amidst impressive TRP ratings for Big Boss 17, which competes with the renowned show, Anupamaa, a recent intense episode sparked turmoil within the house, leaving even Salman upset.

Salman Khan. Image: Instagram

Since the morning, Dobhal’s mood was sour. Despite receiving comfort and persuasion from friends to reconsider, he remained resolute in his decision to depart from the show. Vicky advised seeking professional help, yet Dobhal persisted, alleging sarcasm aimed at Bro Sena by the show’s creators. Neil intervened, cautioning him against crossing limits, and urging him to calm down. Anurang, however, continued to express frustration and reiterated grievances to fellow housemates.


Big Boss summoned Anurang Dobhal to the confession room to address the issues in the house. Dobhal expressed extreme frustration, prompting discussions about seeking psychiatric help and meeting Salman Khan. He conveyed his discomfort with discussions revolving around Bro Sena, highlighting the impact on his mental well-being, especially after a statement during ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ that didn’t align with his beliefs. Big Boss attempted to reassure him, drawing parallels with Aishwarya and Isha’s personal life discussions in public. Anurang Dobhal emphasized his desire for feedback based solely on himself, detached from Bro Sena’s context.

Given the option to leave, Anurang insisted on departure without penalties, as the episode reached heightened tensions.