A new book details how a British Muslim raised £100 million in just ten years.

Written by award winning philanthropist Adeem Younis, ‘Small Change, Big Different’ details his journey from his upbringing in a single parent family on a West Yorkshire Council estate to award winning success with international humanitarian charity Penny Appeal.

Starting from his humble origins, Adeem goes behind the scenes of the charity’s creation, and the challenges he overcame in his mission to change the world. It goes from early tragedy when he lost his father at the age of eight to success as a dotcom millionaire before founding the Penny Appeal in 2009.

By the time he was 40 it had already raised more than £100 million for projects across the world. The charity uses sustainable solutions to combat poverty such as mass feedings offering water solutions, building schools and supporting the care of orphans.

Here in the UK is supports individuals and families with a program of domestic welfare products and has responded to crisis such as the Grenfelll Tragedy, Cumbrian floods and the pandemic. At the same time it also has a network of community food services, run a domestic abuse helpline and provide winter care packages for homeless people.
It is a remarkable story and shows just what can be achieved by a single determined individual.

“More than a charity, Penny Appeal has become a global movement, founded in the heart of Yorkshire and reaching millions around the world,” says Adeem. “Many have seen our incredible accomplishments but I wanted this book to highlight the hidden struggles away from the limelight and obstacles that few people see.”

‘Small Change Big Difference’ will be released on 14th April to coincide with the start of Ramadan. You can pre order it at: https://amzn.to/3afdW3u.