You can help to reduce graffiti on our local streets.

Sometimes Graffiti is ugly and degrading on our streets, houses and subways. It doesn’t look very nice and its a constant blight to our community.

We commonly see graffiti on public buildings, parks, bridges, bus stops and even some of our monuments. Graffiti creates an atmosphere of criminality.

West Yorkshire Police are currently piloting “Graffiti Alerts” using photo-sharing site Flickr. The site features photos of graffiti, as well as locations, at a number of areas.

Bradford council also have there own graffiti removal unit known as(GRUB).  They are specialists in removing all forms of graffiti and they use environmentally friendly materials without damaging the original surface, or surface decoration.

The Bradford Graffiti Charter also aim to improve the City of Bradford, the aim is to make Bradford a welcoming environment for people to visit, meet, shop and work.

If you recognize any of the graffiti, you can report your suspicions online to Crimestoppers and you can also report it to Bradford council.