By Ninder Kaur

The Desi Rascals returned for its second series and this time joined by brand new cast members who will be bringing even more glitz and glamour to the real-life, non-scripted drama from Gurinder Chadha (Bend it Like Beckham) and Tony Wood, creator of The Only Way Is Essex.

Adding a little masala to the show are TOWIE’s Jasmine Walia and Ross Worswick, Solomon Akhtar from The Apprentice and Farha Rai.

She is best known for being a contestant on the ITV dating game Take Me Out. We caught up with Farha Rai, the new lady to hit the hottest show on TV.


How was your time on Take Me Out?


Take me out was a great experience, it was something different and totally fun. I met some amazing people and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Was it taken well by the Asian community?

I think it was taken really well by the Asian community. I was overwhelmed by the support I have received by friends family, also when I am out I’m getting attention from people who are massive fans of the show which feels amazing and they really support us.


Why did you turn to Desi Rascals?

 Desi rascal is a reality show that has come about recently to reflect what British Asians are like and I just wanted to bring my own personal storyline to the show, so other people can see what happens nowadays is real and everyone goes through tough times and heartbreaks and similar family/friends ups and downs.


And what is it like being on the show?

 It’s a fantastic experience. It is so much fun and I really enjoy being part of a great show.


What were you thoughts about the show before you joined?

 I thought the show was great and I was really happy that there was a show that reflected the British Asian community.


What do you enjoy about starring in the show?

 I like the fact that I’ve been able to make new friends and get to know most of the cast. It’s a fun experience and its nice to represent British Asians. I feel like there much more of who I am and my story still to be shown.


Who do you get on with the most?

 I don’t have one in particular, as everyone on the show is really nice. At the moment, I’ve come in with my sister Elayna so we get on with everyone and I guess were still getting to know them.

 How has the audience taken to you? Have you received a lot of fame?

 I feel that I am unique and someone different, and its good to show that you don’t have to be like everyone else and being yourself is what you should be. I have received a lot of viewers that are fans of the show that have shown a lot of support and love towards me which is always amazing and so nice to see. You will always get those who judge too quickly and may not be as warm towards me, however, it doesn’t bother me as I’ve always been true to who I am.


What kind of guys do you go for?

I like guys that are independent, career focused and family orientated and that have a sense of humour. Everyone always says tall, dark and handsome and I guess that’s is true. I do have a weakness for really cute eyes and a cute smile.

Has anyone taken your fancy?

Not yet.

You describe yourself as an Asian Barbie? Aside from the hair what other Barbie aspects do you have?

To be honest, I’ve never really said I am a Asian Barbie. The Barbie references come from my friends and family as when I dyed my hair blonde they started calling me Barbie as I wore pink lipstick and had blonde hair. When I was younger everyone said I was like a doll as I had big eyes and was cute. Its just a name that has stayed as time as gone on.

What are the three things you cannot live without?


Its hard to narrow it down to just 3 things, but if I had to then it would be my lipstick,( make up- love being glam) my Dog Zarius and my Phone.

How do you deal with criticism? 

 I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so that doesn’t really get to me as I feel that critics only make me stronger and it helps boost confidence in going further to gain more out of life. I feel that if you have a opinion and its constructive then I’ll take it onboard.

What can you bring to the new series?

I feel I can bring more entertainment and more real life scenarios for girls my age that are Asian and have been through similar situations that we all face growing up like; dealing with heartbreak, career paths and finding your life time partner. As well as being yourself and being proud to be different, we shouldn’t all be painted with the same brush.

Catch Farha and the gang in action every Wednesday at 8pm on Sky 1.