In a heartwarming ceremony held in Glasgow, Scotland, twenty-three exceptional young minds from across the United Kingdom were celebrated for their outstanding accomplishments in completing a prestigious abacus training programme.

The event, which took place at the War Memorial Hall in Bishopbriggs, drew an enthusiastic crowd of family and friends, who resounded with heartfelt applause as Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar MSP presented each child with their well-deserved awards.

The celebration was masterminded by Dr. Rashmi Mantri, a computer scientist and educator who heads The British Youth International College (BYITC). Founded in 2015, BYITC has risen to prominence as the UK’s leading provider of abacus training. Moreover, it has developed the world’s first games-based abacus maths application.

“Clearing all levels of Abacus is no walk in the park as it requires a lot of hard work and typically takes students 3 – 4 years of practice to complete this. It really is like a mini PhD for these incredible young people,” Dr. Mantri remarked.

The abacus, known for its millennia-old history, not only enables lightning-fast mental arithmetic but also serves as a highly effective tool for brain development and concentration. Its tactile nature has made it particularly popular among children with conditions such as dyslexia.

Aanya Pasupuleti receiving the honour
Image: Blue Print Media

Dr. Mantri took the opportunity to emphasize the significance of the abacus during Maths Week Scotland, encouraging parents and teachers to recognize its effectiveness in improving mental maths skills. She also announced the commencement of the annual maths competition known as the Olympiad, which is open to all and free of charge.

Shariva Lasure

Of the 23 talented winners at the graduation ceremony, a notable 18 hailed from Scotland, with the remainder from England and Wales.

“As parents of the millennials, we stand before a crowd of highly intelligent and capable future leaders – today’s kids. Abacus classes run by BYITC are really effective and have made it worth these the kids’ time in preparing, attending and undertaking homework assignments provided by able teachers and coordinators.

Janice D’souza

“We are humbled by the extent and quality of their input and happy to be part of this fitting recognitions.” Said the parents of Rishon, 14, from Edinburgh.

“He loves maths as he finds it fun, interesting and enjoyable. He found the Abacus very helpful to solve calculations quicker. He always asks questions and seeks answers. He has a never ending curiosity.” Said the parents of Tarun, 13, from Glasgow.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar
Image: Twitter

Leader of the Scottish Labour Party and Member of the Scottish Parliament, Anas Sarwar, said: “It is a great privilege to meet, and present completion certificates, to all of these high-achieving young people.

“Highlighting the outstanding achievements of young people across the United Kingdom is vital for their own development and the future of our nation, and I congratulate each and every one of them on their awards.

“I would like to congratulate the work of Dr Rashmi Mantri and the BYITC team in continuing to develop and teach the next generation of STEM superstars.”

Edinburgh Winners:

  • Mishika Pandey, 10, East Craigs Primary School
  • Shariva Lasure, 12, Craigmount High School
  • Aaliyah Deepak Krishnaveni, 11, Tynecastle High School
  • Gauri Shrikande, 12, Craigmount High School
  • Aarush Gosain, 12, Rosehill High School, Wallyford
  • Taran Vighnesh, 9, Kirkliston Primary School
  • Shreya Navratna, 15, Tynecastle High School
  • Rishon Ashley, 14, Tynecastle High School
  • Santiago Prieto, 12, St Augustine’s RC High School
  • Tanush Venkat, 11, Cramond Primary School

Glasgow Winners:

  • Atharva Sawant, 13, Glasgow Academy
  • Tarun Vusikala, 13, Hutchesons Grammar School
  • Victoria Guseva, 10, Shawlands Primary School
  • Ojas Maniyar, 9, St Patrick’s Primary School
  • Deshna Saravanan, 11, Mearns Castle High School
  • Aanya Pasupuleti, 10, Glasgow Academy
  • Advik Mittal, 9, St Patrick’s Primary School
  • Janice Dsouza, 11, Bishopbriggs Academy
  • Aarush Naik, 10, Kinnaird Primary School in Falkirk

England & Wales Winners:

  • Varshini Senthilvelan, 11, Hersham
  • Vishruth, 8, Basingstoke
  • Shreeka Lingala, 11, Cardiff
  • Hiransh, 11, Peterborough