83 The Film has been making news ever since the film was announced. One of the most interesting things about the film has been the cast chosen to play the real life characters of the then Indian cricket team of 1983.

Super talented Harddy Singh is one such actor, who plays the role of ace bowler Madan Lal in the film. We managed to catch a few moments with the singer turned actor on his role in the film and who he bonded with the most while working on the ensemble star cast of the Kabir Khan directed sports biopic.

You used to play cricket till you got injured. While those dreams to play were shattered, what’s the feeling now that you have a dream role in a dream film about India winning world cup cricket in 1983?

Going from real pitch to the reel pitch; life came to a full circle as I got the chance to “play” for India yet again since I was once a part of the under-19 Indian world cup team.

Director Kabir Khan with the team of 83

How did the role come about for you?

In February 2019, I was in Chandigarh only for a day and I got a call from Ammy Virk (he was one of the first few actors to be confirmed for “83”) saying, ‘Come down to the restaurant of your building, I have to make you meet someone.’ That’s when I met Kabir Khan sir and Balwinder Sandhu ji for the first time. We talked about how 83 is taking shape and they asked me if I could replicate Madan Lal ji’s bowling action. Coincidently, Madan Lal ji had coached me at an NCB camp and he was a fast bowler too so I thought I can do this. I practised a lot and sent them a video of me bowling as Madan Lal ji but I didn’t receive a response for a long while. One fine day, I heard from my team that they loved the finesse with which I pulled it off and that’s how I became a part of 83!

You’re playing the iconic Madan Lal in 1983, have you ever met him and if so, what did you take away from your meeting?

Like I mentioned before, Madan Lal ji was my coach at an NCB camp and I have been lucky enough to interact with him a couple of times during the shoot of 83 and after that as well. Since I had been a fast bowler, it was a

The team of 83

little easier to catch on to the mannerisms and his bowling actions. He is such a warm person, he is family – it feels so good to be back in touch with him in this capacity!

So you’ve made the transition from playing cricket to singing to now acting – is this how you envisaged your career to go?

I am a singer by profession, cricketer by passion, and an actor by chance.

What was your first day on the set of ‘83’ like?

Day one for 83 was no different than a cricket camp – we were treated like proper players since the beginning! The first few days were dealing with cramps and muscle aches for everyone, haha!

83 has a large star cast, who did you bond with the most on set and what special memory can you share of being on set?

We all are very tight as friends and it’s an amazing bond that we have! Since it’s my Bollywood debut, I kept asking Ranveer questions about acting and working with him was amazing! I had so much to learn from him. He is so hardworking and dedicated and if you ask him anything about work or acting he explains everything with so much patience. He is super entertaining and a fun person to be around!

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