Over the past year there have been some crazy moments in sports which nobody has ever seen. Even the diehard sport fans couldn’t predict these outcomes coming so here’s the most shocking moments in 2021 in no particular order!

Messi leaving Barcelona

Messi has been as many considered the biggest star in football. He has reigned as one of the greatest footballers amongst others in football. One of the biggest moments fans witnessed was seeing Messi leaving the football club which he started playing for all the way back in 2003. Messi played for Barcelona for 21 years before leaving the club to play for Paris-Saint-Germain which was a shocking moment for millions across the nation.

Ronaldo comes home to Manchester United

Across the pond was another massive superstar in football. None other than, Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo unlike Messi played for a couple of clubs before coming back to Manchester United. A club he started off with but then left to play for Real Madrid. Ronaldo played for Madrid for many years until leaving to join the Italian team Juventus and recently joining Manchester United which was a massive moment for fans across the world and especially United fans who saw their favourite player come back to United.

Sergio Aguero forced into retirement due to heart condition

Amongst the highs in football come the lows. The saddest moment in 2021 was seeing the tearful Sergio Aguero hang up the boots after suffering from a heart problem. Considered as one of the best footballers in premier league, Aguero left Manchester City to join Barcelona quite recently but after collapsing in his first game with Barcelona, tests provided evidence that Aguero was suffering from a heart condition. Aguero was in tears in his last press conference expressing how he loved to play football but needed to put his health first and retire.

England in the Men’s Euro Finals

Easily one of the moments which was talked about across the entire nation was seeing England defeat all the odds and make it into the Euro cup finals. Fans across the nation were jumping in joy seeing how the club which nobody thought would win were fingertips away from crowing themselves are European champions. The moment was so big as the final took place on a Sunday evening that some schools across the country were opening late to allow students to watch the final. Unfortunately, England lost the final in the penalties and fans were devasted and seen in tears on live television.

Pakistan beating India for the first time in the ICC Cricket World Cup history

For millions of South Asian fans, particularly from Pakistan or have relatives from Pakistan, a massive moment for them was seeing Pakistan finally beat India in the group game of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Not a single person believed Pakistan would beat India who normally always beat them. In this case, the prayers were accepted of those hopeful Pakistan fans who not only beat India but absolutely thrashed them. This was Pakistan’s first ever win over India who have always beaten Pakistan when it comes to the World Cup. A moment which millions of Pakistan fans still remember and cherish till this day.

Tyson Fury knocking out Deontay Wilder in their much anticipated third fight

A massive sporting event which can’t be overlooked is when Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder in their third fight. The third fight between the two was massive as both were coming in with a point to prove and Wilder coming with a new trainer overall. People were not expecting to see what Wider did as he was able to not only give Fury a good fight but drop him twice in their fight. What was considered as one of the greatest heavyweight fights in recent history saw Fury knockout Wilder in the eleventh round of their fight.

Italy winning the Men’s Euro Cup

Fans of England were devasted when they witnessed their team lose to Italy but across the Atlantic ocean the Italian’s were over the moon seeing their team not only become finalists but win the Euro cup. Bear in mind, Italy did not qualify to make the Euros previously when the games were held. It was a moment indeed which signified Italy as one of the top teams in the world.

Argentina winning the Copa America

You might be wondering how this is a big moment but as the Euros were taking place so was the Copa America which is considered an almost equivalent to the Euros. The Copa America was another sporting event which had two of the biggest football sport teams play against each. The game between Argentina and Brazil took place in the final of the Copa America. The final whistle blew with Argentina winning 1-0 against Brazil and becoming 15 times champions.

Azeem Rafiq facing racism at Yorkshire Cricket County Club

One of the biggest moments in 2021 which was quite shocking and upsetting was seeing the racist remarks Azeem faced whilst being at Yorkshire Cricket County Club. Azeem expressed how the phrase ‘P***’ was used in ‘banter’ terms whilst he was at YCCC and this was something which rightfully so offended him and made things difficult for him. Azeem expressed how we started drinking to fit in and this is something he regrets. Although he was not forced to drink, drinking was something which was common and felt he would be isolated if he didn’t drink. This was one of the biggest moments in 2021 which millions started to witness how racism was evident in sports.

Emma Raducanu winning the US Open at 18 and receiving a cheque of £1.8m

A massive sporting moment for the tennis fans was seeing Emma Raducanu winning the US open at just the age of 18-years-old and receiving a cheque of £1.8m. Emma was set to sit her A levels in Maths and Economics until taking part in the US open and winning it. Emma had won 10 matches at Flushing Meadows all in straight sets to become the first qualifier to make it all the way to a Grand Slam title. She went on to becoming the first British woman to win a major title. Previously, Virginia Wade’s was famous for her 1977 Wimbledon success.